Best experienced in a headset

'Always' is a VR NARRATIVE FILM created for StubHub that celebrates the love of live experiences.

The film follows the story of two friends as they rediscover what is most important to them, against the backdrop of vivid live events. This piece was created in collaboration with Here Be Dragons and CAA. Directorially, I really set out to create environments and visions that hadn't been experienced before in this medium and used camera moves that are usually avoided (perhaps wisely). When you're making a narrative piece in this medium, the story is always fighting with the spectacle of the experience, especially if the environments are captivating. For this reason I experimented with many transition techniques that helped guide the audience's focus while amplifying the magical realism that led them further down the rabbit hole. This was personally one of the most challenging jobs I have ever Directed and yet became one of the most rewarding.