Smartwater's 'Shoot Day' is an interactive film that throws the audience into a commercial shoot gone horribly awry. It will be up to the viewer and Jennifer aniston to SAVE THE DAY.

The film uses EKO's interactive film technology to help viewers make decisions while the film seamlessly continues. Every decision changes the outcome and results in one of eight commercials. The production faced many very complex challenges but the best thing about this for me personally is being responsible for Jennifer Anniston's most surreal commercial - Talking cat / slow motion doves / operatic music / French dubbed - You're welcome. 

You're the Director.

Every decision changes the outcome.

Interactive choices are seamlessly integrated into the key story points. 

Hands up if you're still reading these captions.

Of course there is a cat.

smartwater_hal kirkland piano2.png

The final commercials are surprising even for Jen.

Cloud dancers x 2

Arthouse motif, slow motion doves, dubbed in french.