Meet The Chattering Order of St Beryl, an order of satanic chattering nuns pulled straight from CULT BOOK TURNED AMAZON ORIGINAL SERIES, Good Omens and brought to life as an event hacking, multi-platform storytelling, world-class a cappella singing, music video making, album dropping, social and experiential campaign from, well, hell.

The nuns played a pivotal albeit temporary role in the series, providing an opportunity to create a parallel world around them.
Each element worked together to build awareness about the coming Apocalypse–AKA Good Omens launch date.

Good Omens book chattering nuns tool hal kirkland.gif

The nuns were armed with: • Six unique main characters • A rich and authentic narrative • Five original songs (Lyrics by myself, Freddie Mercury (actually) and arranged by Deke Sharon “Pitch Perfect” series) • Three award-winning choirs in three cities (Los Angeles, Dallas, London) • A website (filled with tour dates, interactive booking line, recipes, nun merch and ways to join the order) • A Beelzebus (tour bus - lovingly named by the internet) • Unholy water • Prayer cards… And a Twitter and Instagram content strategy that Satan himself would be proud of, not to mention true fans. 

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Over their five month journey the nuns could go where other activations could not–like anywhere they damn well pleased. e.g. America's Got Talent, SXSW, LA, NYC, London–wowing audiences with epic performance and interacting with fans around the world in real-time via social media.  

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After multiple live performances their siren song was was in demand, so we responded by releasing a new song (Brand New Baby Smell - Lyrics : Hal Kirkland / Arranged Deke Sharon), making a music video and dropping an entire album.

Shortly after that satanic nuns hit the vein of pop culture and everyone wanted to chat with them.

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The unholy sisters were even invited to perform their song about the Antichrist on Britain's #1 Morning Show.

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With new film, photo and meme content created every day the nuns averaged 120,000k impressions a day with up to 592,876 impressions per post. In the end they reached 25 million people, Good Omen’s became Prime Video’s #1 Social campaign ever and the nuns secured 1.2 Billion impressions/souls from predominantly earned media.

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chattering nuns stats_hal kirkland_good omens.2019-08-27 16_43_59.gif

Just as importantly, fans and creators alike genuinely connected with the nun’s authenticity and demon-loving charm in ways no series promotion had before. Neil Gaiman was the project’s biggest fan and said that he wished Terry Pratchett was still here to see it all come to life, especially the Chattering Nuns. Without his support and this epic project would not have been possible.

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THE ALBUM: UNHOLY NIGHT - Available on Amazon Music, Spotify and anywhere indecent enough to seek profit from the Dark Lord, including here.

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You can actually call this number to book the nuns - Go on, call it.

chattering_order_callnow_hal kirkland.gif

And yes they had their own website visit it > here


This project has been a career highlight and was on of my most ambitious to date. It tested everything I have learned as an artist and a professional. Some projects require wearing a lot of hats this required so many teetering ‘aforementioned’ head garments it felt more like a Cirque performance. A performance that would not have been possible without such an incredible team and such supportive and creative clients/partners. Special call out to my production partners and friends, Tool Of North America for their support, to Taylor Bro for his unflinching navigation of the everyday impossibilities, to Burning flag–Greg Hardes, Jacob Proud and Will Walsh for their unmatched film skills and enthusiasm, to Deke Sharon for bringing music to my ears and to my sisters from another mister, The Chattering Order of St. Beryl, Amy Engelhardt (Mother Superior), Alyssa Jackson (Sister Mary Loquacious), Aviva Pressman (Sister Grace Voluble). Rena Strobe (Sister . Maria Verbose), Maureen Davis (Sister Katherine Prolix), Amanda Keenan (Sister Judy Palaverous), and the super talented women of  Sweet Adelines Santa Monica Choir (LA), The Rich-Tones (Dallas), Singers Achoired (London). Awomen. I love you all.

It was nothing short of an honor to create and play within the Good Omens universe. A universe created by two of my heroes Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Without Neil's, Rob Wilkins’ and the Prime Video team’s support and trust this wouldn't have become as magical and creatively fulfilling as it was. In which case, thank you all so much from the bottom of my now quite satanic-leaning heart. Upside prayer hands to you all.

Some of those hats outlined here: I wrote rich character backstories—created story arcs that unfolded in real time on social media—wrote and managed the nuns social presence, voice and social interactions—filmed an insane amount of original content that was released daily—designed everything from prayer cards, complex animated gifs, unholy water bottles, websites, album covers—wrote three songs—directed the music video for one of those songs—produced an entire album (unholy Night)—choreographed and Creative Directed live performances—trained three choirs in the ways of the Dark Lord–planned city take overs—integrated performances in alignment with key show talent—Wrote and filmed a behind the scenes series of films—And most importantly made a genuine connection with fans of the book and series, not to mention the creators themselves.


CLIENT: Amazon Prime Video:
Mike Benson: Head of Marketing Amazon Studios
Jennifer Verdick: Head of Promotions, Partnerships and Events
Elisabeth Daniels:  Global Partnerships and Events
Jennifer Kim:  Social Media Manager 
Jamie Scythes : Creative Director 
Joanne Tam : Brand Lead, Good Omens 

Tool of North America:  Agency/Production Company
Dustin Callif: Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Hal Kirkland: Director / Creative Director / Writer / Design / Social
Julia Sourikoff: Executive Producer 
Taylor Bro: Producer 
Helen Grossman: Head of Communications 
RJ Aguiar: Social Media Strategist 
Cali Burns: Production Supervisor 
Erica Pribble: Assistant Production Supervisor 
Seth Chernoff: Costume Designer 
Greg Hardes: Director of Photography
Jacob Proud: Director of Photography
Will Walsh, Burn Post: Editor 
Aaron Snell : Camera Operator
Helen Dulay: Production Coordinator (London)
Bianca Purviance: Assistant Camera 
Joe Randazzo - Writer
Matthew Klinman- Writer
Mark Svartz- Writer
Jeff Greenspan- Writer
Alan Wagner, Sydney Marquez - Website writing, design, creation
Ray Allan David - Design, Art Direction

The insanely talented actors, vocalists and so much more

Amy Engelhardt - Mother Superior
Alyssa Jackson - Sister Mary Loquacious
Aviva Pressman - Sister grace Voluble
Rena Strober - Sister maria Verbose
Maureen Davis - Sister Katherine Prolix
Amanda Keenan - Sister Judy Palaverous

Sweet Adelines Santa Monica Choir (LA),
The Rich-Tones (Dallas)
Singers Achoired (London

Lyrics: Hal Kirkland, Freddy Mercury, Queen
Deke Sharon - Musical Arrangements

Album Producer: Amy Engelhardt & Hal Kirkland
Recorded and engineered by Christopher Harrison