News always feels so distant. Not because it’s happening somewhere else but because it feels inevitable. Unchangeable. Like we have absolutely no role to play in it. Like news is always happening to someone else. Even how we see it can be so one sided that there’s no room for a response let alone an emotion. When we become disconnected we become apathetic and when we’re apathetic how can anything get better.

Vice News invites us into the gritty, murky, bloody truth of what’s really happening. It hands us the camera as we both wade into the depths of an issue most would rather avoid, forget or bury. It makes us sick, angry and sometimes even proud but finally we’re feeling something. Finally we’re connected again. The perfect network for such news is YouTube. A social network where people are empowered to comment, share and subscribe - or in other words participate. Because people actually give a damn. Some people don't just watch the news.