This interactive MUSIC VIDEO invites Led Zeppelin fans beyond the façade
of one of rock’s most iconic album covers, Physical Graffiti.

By simply touching the windows and using the arrow keys, viewers can dive into one of 17 rooms and separate films. All of which are in perfect sync with one another and running simultaneously. The experience showcases archival footage, live action and a variety of experimental animation techniques - sometimes all at once. Fans can move between walls and floors at whim, meaning it's unlikely anyone will experience the same music video twice. People can even follow characters as they move between rooms and interact with other stories. This was a truly epic undertaking. Planning seventeen, five-minute long music videos so that all the actions would be synced was a mind-melting experience. I had to shoot seven live action music videos in one day, all of which were single takes that needed to be locked with forty-five-minute windows. Let's just say it was good training for VR.
I made this film with my good friends and partners Prettybird and Eko. Without their awesomeness this project may have driven me mad. 

My office cave for three months

A short summary of how it works.