Satanic nuns sing about the cheeky baby Antichrist.

Brand New Baby Smell is a song and music video created for The Chattering Order of St Beryl. An order of Satanic Nuns pulled straight from the Good Omens universe (cult book, now Amazon Original series) and brought to life as an unholy, world-touring, a cappella choir here to herald the coming apocalypse. The song is about a pivotal moment in their story where they swapped the baby antichrist with another baby so he could grow up in a world of privilege and take over the world. The song is about love, adoration of the young Lord and about his cute little tushy wushy rear. There has never been a song about the antichrist like this.

Director: Hal Kirkland
Lyrics: Hal Kirkland
Arrangement: Deke Sharon

Producer: Taylor Bro
DP: Greg Hardes + Jacob Proud
Editor: Will Walsh

Our evil prayers were answered by the coming of our Lord
He doesn’t have the teensy little hoofies that we thought
He’s blonde and cute and handsome like a little English Lord
But his evil will emerge!

Cheeky, cheeky little Antichrist.
Naughty, naughty baby Antichrist.
Squishy, squishy baby Antichrist.
That brand new baby smell!

He’ll be raised Americano, learning accent posh and neat,
Son of privilege to manipulate the people that he meets.
The weakened world will crumble ‘neath the claws upon his feet
His day will soon be nigh!

He was just a little babe when Master Crowley brought him here.
He didn’t have the little sixes neatly etched behind his ear.
He had a little smile and the most tushy wushy rear.
That brand new baby smell

Cheeky, cheeky little Antichrist.
Naughty, naughty baby Antichrist.
Squishy, squishy baby Antichrist
That brand new baby smell.

What kind of baby diapers should the Lord of Darkness wear?
Theresa knitted booties from the mane of a dead mare.
Will the Lord forgive us if we use a pacifier?
Dark Lord we’ll do our best!

He’s the cutest little cheeky from his lashes to his toes.
His eyes are lit with fire like the future of his foes.
His widdle golden curls will crown the throne he overthrows
That brand new baby smell!