'JUST DID IT' is a talk i created to inspire CREATIVE THINKERS INTO ACTION.
people just like you. This film is my sxsw submission video.

My aim here was to make a submission video unlike any other. I feel like I ticked that box with a bright pink lipstick. During the talk I share stories aboutprojects that slapped 'No' in the face, kissed Impossible’s girlfriend and well, just did it. I discuss my creative process, some bizarre experiences while in the creative trenches and unexpected insights gained from making crazy ideas into equally crazy realities. The talk was deemed one of the best talks of SXSW 2015, was a full house and led to well over 12% of the people who attended getting laid. Maybe more in the subsequent years that followed. It's hard to say. The talk has since toured to Canada, Australia and Japan and is always evolving with new projects and insights. If you have an inspirational scracth that needs itching, or have friends that could do with a nudge into the heady realms of progressive making culture then reach out.