'Fighting Fire with Fire' is a VR film that I directed for GE and BBDO as part of their Unimpossible series. The film is also the 'Double Feature' of Within's Original VR series
The Possible. A series lovingly and expertly produced by Here Be Dragons and Within.  

The film is a real experiment where we used sound waves to extinguish fire, or more accurately, a man on fire. The sound frequencies were captured by recording a variety of fire sounds, hence the title. The frequencies, when fed into Ring Vortex Generators generate forces powerful enough to remove flame from their fueled source. We designed this ring of RVGs specifically for this experiment. Nothing of this scale has been built before. GE provided the science and know how and our amazing partners at Reel EFX made it, well, real. The slow motion scene was shot on a Phantom and stitched seamlessly into the rest of the real-time sphere. Pretty cool. Some images of the original working are below. Please watch it in a headset.